Monday, January 2, 2012

Atom Eve & Rex Splode

The graphic novel Atom Eve & Rex Splode describes a story about two superheroes, their origins and their adventures. The story first starts off explaining Atom Eve’s origin. She was born as a weapon used by the secret government and has the abilities to control and manipulate atoms to her will. In a attempt to save her from the dark clutches of this evil organization, she was exchanged at the hospital to an unsuspecting couple. Her name is Sam and she grows up like an average girl, until one day, she finally understands her powers and began her quest to find her evil creators. Rex Splode, on the other hand, was an poor child picked up off the street and was given super powers that allowed him to explode anything with a touch. As a child, he was sent off on missions destroying whatever his rescuer told him. Soon, his self morals begin to conflict with his missions and in a freak accident, he disobeys his orders and destroys the facility. Atom Eve and Rex Splode are then thrusted into each other’s confusing lives, as they fight off the evil organization.

As a graphic novel, the pictures are artistically illustrated with a smooth word flow that smoothly pushed the readers through the story. While being short, this graphic novel has a great ability to introduce new characters and explain old ones. The only problem I saw was how short it was, but I would recommend this novel to people wanting a good, short read.

~Edward, Teen Book Reviewer

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