Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heat by Mike Lupica

Did you ever have a dream to play Little League and then become a famous baseball player? If you did, Heat, by Mike Lupica, is the book for you. Michael is the main character. He is from Cuba and comes to the US. His father dies and he lives with his 17 year old brother. No one knows that his father is dead. Michael is 12, but very big for his age. He plays Little League but the other coaches question his size and do not believe that he is 12. He cannot prove his age, since no one knows his 17 year old brother is taking care of him. His birth certificate and papers are in Cuba. This book is so interesting and inspiring, especially if you like baseball like I do. Michael’s dream was to play at Yankee Stadium. He was good enough to play but the coaches suspended him for not having proof of age. If you want to find out if he makes it to the stadium right near his house, read Heat. I really enjoyed this book.

~Justin, Teen Book Reviewer

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