Thursday, December 1, 2011

Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

The book "Falling Under" is a very captivating and romantic novel. In this book, Theia Alderson, a very shy and non-rule breaker girl, starts having these very vivid and haunting dreams, of a boy she's never seen, but very badly wants to meet. When a black rose and other objects appear on her bed from her dreams, she can't explain how pieces of her dreams are brought with her in reality, but only knows something isn't right.

When one day, the new guy in school, Haden Black, appears, Theia recognizes him immediately,- not from around town, but as the guy in her dreams. She doesn't know how she dreamed of him before they met, but each day with him, in reality and in her dreams, pulls her closer and closer to him, even though she knows it's not safe for either of them.

Theia knows Haden isn't like other guys, -he's dangerous, but irresistible. Her love for him is stronger than her fear, but when she finds out what he really is, she knows she must resist him, -because the cost is her soul if she doesn't.

This book is really good!!! I literally finished this in two days, because I couldn't stop reading it! This book has a "vampire" or "Twilight" feel to it, even though there are no vampires in it. I would recommend this book to any girl who likes romance, mystery, and a little comedy. It has really good story line and reading about the characters makes you really fall in love with them. :)
If you had to read one book in your whole life, choose this one!! Hope you enjoy it! :)

~Vinnie, Teen Book Reviewer

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