Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cloaked by Alex Flinn

Cloaked is a quirky twist on a mashup of a variety of fairly widely known fairytales such as the frog and the princess. This gives the story a certain charm and the originality makes it enjoyable. Everyone knows about the princess kissing the frog and finding her ever-so-charming prince. Alex Flinn spins off that idea in less of a romantic way, and more of an adventure way. Do not confuse this for a high action thriller, rather a story of a young boy who finds himself on a quest to find the brother of the princess he recently befriended. The twist is that the brother is a frog. The adventure starts when Johnny (the main character) is seduced and bribed into finding the princess’s long lost frog brother. There are many of his kind, and they are known as the use-to-bes (as in “use to be human”). It incorporates a magical cloak, witches, and mystical talking animals. The main character Johnny is humble, sweet, and develops a certain sympathy from the reader. He evokes emotional appeal from the reader as one awes at his persistence to aid his family’s monetary issues. The book is all around cute and has an air of youth and imagination, just shy of juvenile. Cloaked was a pleasure to read, and its quirkiness added all the more charm and appeal.

~Megan, Teen Book Reviewer

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