Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Between Sisters by Adwoa Badoe

Between Sisters is about a very poor family who lives in modern day Ghana. Gloria Bampo, the protagonist, is a sixteen year old girl. She failed in school and now has to face many challenges. Her parents decided to send her to live with a wealthy family in another town in hopes to change her life. The woman Gloria went to work for is named Christine. While Gloria is there, her job was to take care of one child and clean the house. In payment for her work she received room and board. She was so happy working there that she called Christine “sister”. Christine felt she was doing a very good job, but still Gloria did not receive any wages. Gloria made new friends and began to make a new life for herself. Christine began to teach Gloria to read and write. A tragic event occurred when Gloria’s close friend came to visit and stole money from Christine. Christine accused Gloria of stealing the money. When Gloria tried to explain that she was not the one who took the money, Christine did not believe her. Christine would not talk to her, and was ready to throw Gloria out. When the truth eventually came out, only then was when Christine could forgive Gloria.

I highly recommend reading this book because it shows the importance of family in one’s life. A clear example of this is how Gloria and her real sister would always be there for each other regardless of the circumstances. Christine on the other hand who was her sister in name only, did not stand by Gloria or believe in her when she should have. I read this book in two days and thoroughly enjoyed it. It showed the importance of family, education, and hard work. If you want to learn more about Gloria’s experiences while living with Christine you must read this book.

~Raymond, Teen Book Reviewer

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