Thursday, December 22, 2011

Because I am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas

The book I read was called Because I am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas. It was a book that was in poem form with stanzas and such. In this book, a girl name Anke goes through a life of having a abusive father and being lonely. She sees and hears what her father is doing which is abusing her sister, Yaicha, and her brother, Darren, but not her. She is ignored by her father and craves for the attention for it even if that means she must get abused as well. Her mother is hopeless, her siblings are being threatened with their lives, and Anke has no courage to stand up to her father. Since she hears and sees everything that happens as a witness but doesn't do anything, she refers to herself just as a living room sofa. She just stays there watching and listening and being torn inside. Eventually, she joins the school's volleyball team and finds out that she has the potential to speak up to get points and progress done. Will she able to stand up to her father then? With that included, she also has to deal with love interests and friends. She's in a connection with her neighbor while she has feelings for a soccer player in her school. Who does she go with? Her friend, Ange, is a person she is forced to be friends with but how can she be friends with someone so weak? Ange irritates Anke also because she thinks that Anke's father is the utmost coolest person she's met when in reality, he really isn't. Anke now must go though her life to find something she never had. An inner voice.

I was impressed with the story. The story was interesting and the format of the book created a nice emphasis of the characters and their feelings. The stanza format also made it easier and faster to read. The message had a nice meaning to it and it was that people should always speak out for what is meant to be right. Overall, I would give the book a high rating because of it's realistic story and for it's unique style of telling the story. I recommend this to people who are either impatient and non patient readers and to people who like realistic teen fiction or drama.

~Natalie, Teen Book Reviewer

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