Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You by Charles Benoit

I have recently read the book You by Charles Benoit. In this book, this student at Midlands High named Kyle Chase who gets in trouble for stealing Jake's wallet. Then, he meets another kid that eventually becomes his new friend and invites him out to parties. This new friend of his is named Zack. Zack likes to find out people's weaknesses and keeps on pushing them. He tries to find your weak spot and makes you feel really bad. So later on in this book, he tries to find Kyle's weakness. A few days later, Zack invites Kyle over to the school at night and they break in. Then, they enter in the boy's locker room in the gym and opens Jake's locker. Zack does something really bad and makes Jake think that Kyle did it. The next day, Zack invites Kyle over to the school at midnight and tells him many things trying to get to his weakness and then finally he gets Kyle really upset and angry. Zack gives an award to Kyle and Kyle punches him so hard that blood bursts out and the glass of the award cracks.

The book You, is really interesting. I would recommend readers (age 12+) to read this book and find out what Kyle's weakness is that leads him to punch Zack. I would rate this 5 (the best).

~Jack, Teen Book Reviewer

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  1. This book was amazingly written, even if my favorite character became a total jerkoff later on(which made me sad). It was still super good. It mixed two of my favorite things teen dramas and surprise murders