Saturday, November 12, 2011

Havoc by Chris Wooding

Havoc by Chris Wooding, is an amazing tale of adventure. The story revolves around 4 kids: Seth, Kady, Justin, and Alicia and is told from Seth and Kady's perspectives. These 4 kids try to take down the world of Malice, a comic book brought to life. Knowing that adults wouldn't believe them, these kids have to figure out how to defeat Tall Jake, the new ruler of Malice from the inside and outside of the comic book. Under his rule, Tall Jake has zombies, robots, and things you have only seen in nightmares. As his name becomes more feared, he gains strength. As he takes readers of the comic away at night into Malice and leaves them there to rot, he gains more strength. What are 4 kids going to do to defeat a monster who gets stronger as more people read the comic? All they have are each other, a rag-tag group of kids who have escaped from Tall Jake’s trap with no fighting experience called Havoc, and a painting that holds a trapped power stronger than Tall Jake himself called The Shard. Can they figure out how to unleash the The Shard in time before Tall Jake attacks the real world, or will they be too late and let Tall Jake win and destroy everything in the comic and the real world?

This book is the second book in Chris Wooding's series with the first book being Malice. This story is a great tale of adventure, suspense, and action. With story and comic scenes, this book is a new tale of good vs. evil. It is a book that you can not put down. After going in, there is no going back.

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy action. Chris Wooding makes this book and characters seem as real as if they could pop right out of the book itself. This book is not slow-paced and you will never get bored. It is so amazing that you will want to read it over and over again until you memorize every word.

~Ravjot, Teen Book Reviewer

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