Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crave by Laura J. Burns

In Crave Shay Mcguire isn't your average high school senior. Her rare and life threatening blood disorder keeps her from lead a relatively normal life. Her sickness defines her, changing the way everyone veiws her, shes treated like a breakable doll as if any movement could shatter her already fragile heart. She isn't able to go to her friends parties or stay out late, sometimes she can't even remain in school all day. Shay has had this disease her whole life, the only diffence now is that she's dying, but her mother refuses to accept the inevitable. Her stepfather (and doctor) believes he's come up with a cure: a special blood transfusion. But these tranfusions come with visions, beautiful, vivid visions of a man named Gabriel. During each transfusion Shay comes out feeling invicible like she can rule the world, almost like she can be normal. With every transfusion come a vision of Gabriel, slowly Shay comes to realize thatGabriel is a vampire, but the question remains: Is Gabriel real or is he just a figment of Shay's imaginaiton. The mysteries surrounding Shays life begin to unravel: What happened to her father, why is she sick and Who is Garbiel?

This book, in my opinion was well written an d had an interesting story line that comes with an unexpected twist. I recommend this book to everyone.
~Neilab, Teen Book Reviewer

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