Thursday, October 27, 2011

Four Eyes by Joe Kelly

Four Eyes is a graphic novel about Enrico, a young boy who must skip the joys of childhood, and work to support his family during the Great Depression in New York City. Mystical creatures known as Dragons exist in this dark world and live their lives well away from human civilization without causing any harm to people. Usually anybody with a right mind will stay away from them, but a greedy man has taken advantage of them and is using them for underground ring fighting. Enrico’s father, as well as many other desperate men, are paid to dig deep into their nests for eggs that will soon hatch new fighters. Enrico must take this job after his father violently gets killed by a dragon during his raid. This job is very dangerous, but Enrico can’t make money anywhere else. Now Enrico is caught between two things: taking over the life of his father or defending this innocent race.

I greatly enjoyed reading “Four Eyes.” All the pictures were brilliantly illustrated and the text gently guides the reader through the story. A grim and sad mood of despair grips the readers and forces them to read more. The graphic novel also strikes a fine balance between both print-text literature and image literate. I highly recommend this story to a any teenager that wants a good read.

~Edward, Teen Book Reviewer

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