Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dirty Jersey by Philip Thomas Duck

At Eric Posey's High School, being cool means you'll get a lot of respect. Unfortunately for him, he is one of the most uncool kids in school. Kenya, Eric's sister, is the complete opposite. She's all fly and and is the girlfriend of the coolest boy in the school, Ricky. As life goes on, Kenya and Eric start losing there relationship, and they begin to go there separate ways. Eric struggles with the humiliation at school while Kenya goes to all the parties. Though as there lives go on, Eric gets in touch with the hottest rapper around, Fiasco, while Kenya is starting to behave a little more. She breaks up with Ricky and her popularity goes down the drain. Eric is now in the shoes of how Kenya was with popularity but now Kenya is in the shoes of Eric from before. Things start to stir up when a gang member comes and picks up Kenya off the road and takes her away to a warehouse. Eric has to now try and save her before something happens to Kenya.

I would recommend Dirty Jersey to those who like long reads, realistic fiction, and R&B. There are many references to singers that some may like and find very interesting and some people can even relate to Eric's story to their life.

~Ronald, Teen Book Reviewer

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