Monday, June 13, 2011

The Unidentified by Rae Mariz

The Unidentified is about Katey [a.k.a kid], who goes to school in a mall that is run by corporate sponsors. As kid goes deep inside the facts to find the unidentified, she gets tangled in a two way triangle. On one side, Katey is recommended to be branded by her sponsors. As she struggles to keep away, she will become involved in the unidentified and make new friends. As Katie begins to uncover more clues about the unidentified, she learns that they are a rebellious group that are protesting the power structure of the school by overthrowing the game. Worst of all, she learns that everything can’t be kept as a secret in the open world. All the cameras are watching, with the spotlight on Katey. The public soon watches Katey and makes her popular. Who is doing this, the corporate sponsors, or the Unidentified? That is left to be unanswered. I would recommend this book to teens who like fiction and suspense novels. Will Katey change and lose her identity to the world and the unidentified? Read the book to find out more about the story.

~Erem, Teen Book Reviewer

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