Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sila’s Revenge by Jamie Bastedo

Sila’s Revenge by Jamie Bastedo is about a teenage girl named Ashley who lives in the North Pole. Her icy environment is melting due to global warming. She gets invited to play on her drums at Carnegie Hall. Then some crazy stuff happens! The man who has invited Ashley to play secretly kidnaps her and her friends and forces them to play in a concert in Australia that will be broadcast all over the world. Her kidnapper, Jack, thinks a lot about global warming and is always trying to find new ways to prevent it from happening. Jack believes that humans are responsible for global warming so he plans to “do the earth a favor” and eliminate about 500,000 people. The whole story unravels in Australia at the Scorching Earth concert. If you want to find out what happens, you should read the book.

I think this is a very interesting book because it discusses the current issue of climate change. I would recommend this book to kids ages 11-15 because it contains profanity throughout the entire book. Besides that, it is a great book!

~David, Teen Book Reviewer

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