Thursday, June 23, 2011

Once by Morris Gleitzman

Once is about a young boy named Felix whose parents are Jewish booksellers. This book takes place during the time of the Nazis, so to protect Felix, his parents leave him in a Christian orphanage. Felix's first encounter with the Nazis was at the orphanage. He saw them burning jewish books outside the orphanage. He thinks that all the Nazis are doing is burning books, which is very serious to him. He later escapes from the orphanage and goes on a quest to find and warn his parents about the Nazis. On the way he matures; saves a girl from a burning house, finds out what the Nazis are actually doing, and gets caught. During the journey one of the only things keeping Felix going are his exaggerated stories about his parents, which help him believe that they're still out there. Throughout the whole journey he has to use his creativity to get out of bad situations. This book is definitely worth reading.

~Max, Teen Book Reviewer

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