Monday, June 27, 2011

Cinderella Cleaners Change of A Dress by Maya Gold

In Change of A Dress Diana Donato is a girl of fashion and she loves designing clothes! When she was young, she would always go to the Cinderella Cleaners to visit her grandparents who owned it. Eventually, her grandparents gave the cleaners to her dad, and now she was going to start working there. Even though she would have rather gone out for the school play, she promised her dad that she would work at the cleaners to help the family. One day, Diana finds an invitation to a N.Y. City gala in someone’s coat pocket! Now that Diana has the invitation, she came up with a brilliant plan! Diana decides to make up a fake identity, dress fashionable, and go to the gala! There’s only one big question, will anyone see through her disguise?

I thought that this book was okay. The book was pretty boring at the beginning because of the entire back story that needed to be told. It starts out with Diana in school and wanting to try out for her school play but she can’t because she promised to work at Cinderella Cleaners. Diana also works at the cleaners and she thinks it’s okay but she would rather be in the play. Then as I read on, it got more interesting, especially when she found the invitation! I felt that some parts of the book were not that exciting or interesting, but at other times it was the opposite. I recommend this book for girls from the age of 8-11 because I think that the book is more for younger girls. If someone reads this book that is older then 11they might think that it’s a little immature and might get bored.

~Sarah, Teen Book Reviewer

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