Monday, May 9, 2011

Shadoweyes by Ross Campbell

Shadoweyes by Ross Campbell is a graphic novel that takes place in a dark city named Dranac during the year 200X. The city is covered with disease, crime and garbage. Hobos litter the streets. The story is about a teenager named Scout Montana who becomes a strange super strong creature and becomes an inspiring vigilante known as Shadoweyes. And through her acts of justice she slowly becomes a hero. Her life comes to a halt, as it became harder and harder to change back to human form. She becomes separated from society and things aren't as easy as before.

This graphic novel is brilliantly illustrated, but the plot can be hard to believe some times. For instance, she gains her powers from getting hit with a brick. The characters are a bit sketchy too. They are thrown at you, one after another with hardly any information to help the reader know what is going on. Other than that, the novel is decent, however I wouldn’t recommend it to people who want a good story, but to people who want something new.

~Edward, Teen Book Reviewer

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