Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brains for Lunch by K.A. Holt

If you have been in middle school, you know how troublesome life can be, well, let's face it any grade can be hard. And you may think only kids like you have to go through it,but zombies have problems in school too. In Brains for Lunch by K.A. Holt, the author shows how similar we are to our undead counter-parts. We all have those stupid friends who always do the unexpected, those annoying kids that tend to tease you till you snap, and the Romeo-Juliet love stories, and many other common things. And not to spoil the book, but like our undead hero, Loeb, once said "We have one commonality: "Middle school sucks hard!" I would personal recommend this book to people who like a quick laugh, and fast read. After all it is a zombie novel in haiku form. If your looking for a genre, zombie humor is best way to categorize this book. ~Constantine, Teen Book Reviewer

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