Monday, March 28, 2011

The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

In The Gardener teenage Mason has a disfigured scar across his face from a dog attack when he was young, just five years old. This is when they show him a video of his father. His disfigurement motivates Mason to help people. Perhaps it is to help people understand Mason for who he really is on the inside, instead of the disfigured, abnormal outside. He enjoys biology and sports. When a summer program for Biology shows up, his mom immediately says no. Is it because of hidden secrets she has been locking away from him? When he visits his mom's patients, four teens deep in a coma, he decides to play the very same video to them of his father when, Mason himself was hurt. One of them, Laila awakens and tries to escape with Mason. He helps her, curious as to the reason why she had circular scars on her legs. What exactly happened to her? Read the book and find out. This book is an amazing, page gripping story that keeps you awake through the night. While bringing up simple realistic morals, the book is simply put, amazing. ~Edward, Teen Book Reviewer

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