Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hothouse by Chris Lynch

In Hothouse seventeen-year-old Russell had a father who was a fireman. Russell's best friend, DJ, had a father who was a firefighter too, and Russell and DJ's family became very close. Since Russell was little, Russell has always recognized himself as a firefighter too, because of some training and experience he received from the firefighter headquarters.

Russell's and DJ's fathers both die while fighting a fire. The whole community considers the two fathers as heroes, and the community pays their respects to both families often. Russell doesn't like bragging, but does enjoy the respect he gets from many people after his father's death. Then the respect Russell receives changes from positive respect to negative respect. Russell must face the fact that his father has maybe not been such a hero while fighting a fire. Even worse, the community that respected his father and his family now have shame towards them. Who would know what seemed to be so good could become so bad.

I would recommend this book to people who like to read realistic fiction books. Although this novel can be sad, at the same time it's a well-written descriptive book of about a real life situation that can happen.

~Carson, Teen Book Reviewer

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