Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lost Boy, Lost Girl by, John Dau and Martha Akech

The story Lost Boy, Lost Girl by John Dau and Martha Akech is about refugees fleeing from wars in their home countries. John, a young male refugee from Southern Sudan, has to flee his country. There is a war because soldiers with specific religious beliefs kill people whose beliefs differ from their own. Since both of John's parents and his sister died, John has to travel with his neighbor, Abraham. 

 He and Abraham are considered "Lost Boys" since they have no parents and follow the groups of people away from danger. Martha, a young female refugee also from Southern Sudan, has the same problem as John. She has to flee her country, and she has a younger sister named Tabitha that she watches over since her parents have also died; this makes them "Lost Girl." Throughout the story, the refugees travel to many different camps to avoid conflict with the soldiers. During this journey, many are killed by the soldiers. They also suffer and die from diseases, such as small pox and malaria. Also, they die from starvation and lack of water. 

 This story really illustrates how hard life must be for refugees, orphans, and people in need. It uses lots of imagery by using words like "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" and "step by step, they inched closer." It kept me on the edge of my seat during the whole entire novel. I often like to read historical fiction books. Lost Boy, Lost Girl teaches life lessons about how we should be thankful for the world we live in and not take everything for granted. Along with the fighting and violence occurring in the novel, the story also includes lots of romance. I loved how two kids who experienced so much, eventually come together and fall in love. I highly recommend the story Lost Boy, Lost Girl to all of my peers. I learned so much about how hard life is for refugees around the world. I think the story has the appropriate reading level for all seventh graders.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Something In Between, by Melissa De La Cruz

In the book Something in Beteween, by Melissa De La Cruz Jasmine de los Santos has always tried her hardest to be the best student she can be and the most exceptional role model. Jasmine is pretty and popular, she studies hard for every test, but most importantly, she made her Filipino immigrant parents proud. Because of all of her hard work and efforts, Jasmine was going to be granted a full college scholarship. Suddenly, everything comes crashing downhill when a scholar award invitation forces Jasmine’s parents to tell the hard truth; their visas expired years ago, meaning that their whole family is illegal immigrants. 

The worst part is that since Jasmine is illegal in the United States, she cannot be granted that college scholarship, and possibly not be able to attend college at all, and her entire family is facing the very real and scary threat of being deported. For the first time in her whole life, Jasmine does all of the normal teen things, that she never had time to do before. As Jasmine is trying to make sense of the new world that she has found herself living in, she falls for Royce Blakely, who just so happens to be the son of a very high ranking Congressman that is trying to avoid passing laws that would help illegal immigrants like Jasmine and her family. Jasmine no longer has any idea where to start or what to do, but she does know for a fact that she is not going to give up. 

I enjoyed reading the novel Something In Between by Melissa de La Cruz. It was very well written. All of the events that are going on in Jasmine’s life are I described so well, and it shows how truly scary it was for Jasmine and her family as they were facing the threat of being forced to leave the country. I also like how the author uses irony in the story. For example, not long after Jasmine finds out that her entire family is illegal, she falls for the guy who's father is doing everything in his power to make it harder for illegal immigrants. I would recommend the book Something in Between by Melissa de La Cruz to most teens. It is something that almost no one can relate to, so it is interesting to read about a different side of the story. This is a very good book.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ruined, by Amy Tintera

In the book Ruined, there are two kinds of people; there are Ruined and the Normal people. Ruined people are magical humans. Many people were afraid of the Ruined until they were overthrown by the kingdom of Lera. Ever since they were banished and were made an outcast. Nearly all the Ruined were killed but some survived, learning how to live their life while being hunted. 

Emelina Flores is a Ruined of the royal family but is different from others of her kind because she is the only one which has no powers. Emelina had a hard life. Her father has been killed by the kingdom of Vallos, her mother was killed when the Kingdom of Lera took over and her sister was taken as a prisoner. She is also being in constantly hunted by all kingdoms. With her friends she must go under cover and marry the prince of Lera to find information about her sister and how to get revenge on Lera and Vallos for all they did to her and her people. 

On her quest she faces many challenges and actually falls in love with the prince. Will she be able to save her sister and save her love from war against each other? or will she die trying to? This book was truly exciting with many conflicts and challenges that they faced and in my opinion I Iiked this book. I would recommend this book to all readers who want to read an exciting and romantic book.